Heritage Family Eye Care has been open for over 15 years.


Dr. Heather Gebhart founded the practice in March 2001. Dr. Sara Huffman joined the practice in 2007. Both doctors strive to provide the latest and best in pediatric eyecare and services.





Glasses and your child

Glasses are recommended for children for many reasons. Whether to provide clearer vision, to avoid visual fatigue, or to improve use of the two eyes together, the quality of the glasses is important to best help your child. NOT ALL OPTICALS PROVIDE THE SAME QUALITY GLASSES! If you choose to purchase your child's glasses at another optical faciltiy we cannot assure that the lenses will be made correctly as prescribed, and you are responsible for additional fees if the lenses need to be changed.
Just as you want your to see the best doctors, assuring that their glasses come from a responsible lab is equally important. Even if your child receives an excellent eye exam, purchasing poor quality glasses can adversely affect your child's vision.


When you purchase your child's glasses from our office, you will have the option of anti-reflective lenses. We highly recommend these high quality lenses to offer your child the best vision possible. The lenses let more light through to your child's eyes by reducing glare and will give your child clearer and more comfortable vision.



Health Rights and Insurance


If you have any concerns or questions regarding your rights and access to your health information, please don't hesitate to call our office.

At Heritage family eye care, we accept VSP Signature (the Vision Service Plan). If you have a different type of insurance, we will provide you with the paperwork which will allow you to submit for reimbursement; however, you will be responsible for your fees at the time of service.

           Providing the best enviroment for your child's exam:

           -No siblings in the exam room during examination


     -Cell phones
              *Patients (children under the age of 18) cannot have cellphones during exam.  *Parents are welcome to have phone calls outside of exam room.


               -No conversation with patient in exam room while patient is engaging in any testing.

               -Dr. Heather/Dr. Sara will explain, in detail, the results of your child's eye exam when she has finished all her testing.





There are two types of eye examinations offered for children. A comprehensive eye examination is recommeded for children at 6 months of age, 3 years of age and annually during school age. A sensorimotor eye examination includes all of the testing done in the comprehensive exam plus additional binocular vision and visual processing testing. Sensorimotor examinations are recommended for school age children who are having specific difficulties learning.